Armed commandos are to be deployed in the jungles of southern India to deter poachers from capturing and killing endangered tigers, state government officials announced on Wednesday.

Depletion of bamboo clusters in Kerala’s Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is threatening to make the coming summer hard for several species of wildlife there and in the adjoining forests that constitute

The dried bamboo groves inside the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary and the adjacent sanctuaries such as the Rajiv Gandhi National Park, Nagarhole, and the Bandipur Tiger Reserve in Karnataka are posing

Public can contribute to the corpus; thrust on education, research

Bombay Natural History Society has conducted the survey in wildlife sanctuaries in and around the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve
A field survey on the vulture population in the wildlife sanctuaries in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and adjacent sanctuaries, conducted by the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS), has found that the number of these bird species is declining at an alarming rate in the reg

Section 38V of Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972 provides that Tiger Reserve should be inviolate. 643 sq km area of Nagarhole National Park is declared as core critical tiger habitat, prior to the promulgation of the "The Scheduled Tribes and other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act 2006". Though the relocation of people from inside Nagarhole National Park is in progress since 1998-99, yet nearly 1700 families still resided in the park at the time of recognition of rights under the said Act.

Several tribals have moved out of Nagarhole National Park, accepting the govt

Some civil servants have relocated forest dwellers successfully.

An elephant was found with a gun shot wound while another died in two separate incidents in the State on Tuesday.

A 10-year-old female elephant was found injured with gun shot at Mettluhola near Nagarahole National Park.

It is suspected that farmers on the edge of Veeranahosahalli range might have fired at the animal.

There has been increased funding for wildlife conservation efforts in recent years. These funds have largely been spent on