Public can contribute to the corpus; thrust on education, research

Fear of submergence haunts Kurturu, a village nestled in the Papi hills of the Eastern Ghats in Andhra Pradesh.

In 2005, a band of officials, an unusual sight in this remote village in West Godavari district, visited the place and marked a rock.

The steel project at Gadag won

Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa today said the nearly 60,000 houses taken up under the ''Aasare'' scheme for the 2009 flood victims would be handed over to the beneficiaries by May this year.

Yeddyurappa said 70 per cent of the 59,212 houses, each on 30 ft by 50 ft site, would be handed over by March.

More than uniting people and finding solutions to their problems through the process of dialogue and statesmanship, the politicians in our country have a propensity to sow discord and vitiate the atmo

Going by the slow pace of acquiring private land, the Namma Metro project may well join the long list of delayed projects of the City.

The intense and widespread rain over the southern peninsula in March is the highest rainfall recorded in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu since 1875.

The City-based National Institute of Engineering (NIE), which is known for its research facility and talent, has organised a six-day workshop for rural folk, imparting knowledge on various energy-base

Cheaper imports negatively impacts food security; it seems the government is not bothered about this fact.

The polluted Hirohalli village lake on the outskirts of the City now has rare visitors: the critically endangered spot billed pelicans.