After a series of review meetings, the government has found the performance of these companies to be ‘not satisfactory’

The solid waste management (SWM) projects in Uttarakhand under the public private partnership (PPP) are not yielding satisfactory results despite a series of review meetings by top government officials. Under the Rs 50 crore Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) scheme, the government awarded contracts to private companies for picking up wastes from thethree cities of Dehradun, Haridwar and Nainital. All the projects have been delayed considerably.

The Union Government on Thursday signed an agreement for a $100-million loan with Asian Development Bank (ADB) as the second tranche of Uttarakhand’s urban sector development investment programme.

According to an official release here, the loan assistance will support rehabilitation and expansion of basic urban infrastructure in five major urban towns of the State and ensure sustainable municipal service delivery.

Trophic State Index (TSI) of Nainital Lake has been determined using secchi disk transparency as well as using Landsat 7 ETM bands. Various interpolation techniques have been tested and the best one has been applied to prepare the water quality images of Nainital Lake.

Three lakes (Nainital, Sattal and Naukuchiatal) in the Kumaun Himalayan region were investigated for total organic carbon and nitrogen, their atomic ratios and isotopic composition in their sediments. These geochemical proxies measured in 34-45 cm long cores indicate that organic matter preserved in the lake sediments is primarily derived from algal matter.

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Faint Flappings Of the 78 endangered bird species in India, 13 are at extreme risk. * 1) Himalayan Quail

Existence of Lake Nainital has been a matter of debate in the last two decades, because it is the only source of drinking water to Nainital city, a famous tourist resort in northern India. In the tectonically active lake basin, naturally occurring landslides have genered sediments in huge amount.