Washington: India and the United States have concluded a nuclear fuel reprocessing agreement to advance their bilateral civilian nuclear deal, the Obama administration announced on Monday.

The Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) and Areva, one of the biggest reactor manufacturers of France, are finalising contracts for two 1,650 MWe-European Pressurised Reactor plants at Jaitapur, Maharashtra, by the year-end, according to French Ambassador to India Jerome Bonnafont.

THE government may frame a policy for international civil nuclear commerce that will have provisions for trade with countries with which India doesn

Ever since his second term as prime minister began in May, Manmohan Singh has been out on foreign tours so often that in South Block he is now jocularly known as the 'Flying Sikh'--a sobriquet reserved for India's most famous athlete of the 1960s.

Mumbai: The process to build the first nuclear power plants at a cost of Rs33,000 crore after India's re-entry into global nuclear trade will be set into motion with the beginning of land acquisition tomorrow at Jaitapur in coastal Maharashtra.

When the 2004 elections resulted in victory for the Congress Party and its allies, Sonia Gandhi could have become Prime Minister. However, she declined and bequeathed the highest position to Dr. Manmohan Singh. By rising above the craving for power and position that exists in politics, she showed that her vision for India was truly different.

As George W. Bush stepped briskly into the White House for the signing ceremony in the afternoon of October 8, the gathering that included Ronen Sen, India's ambassador to the US, was aware that they were witnessing a rare and historic moment.

US President George Bush on Thursday telephoned Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to discuss the progress of the India-US nuclear deal and the World Trade Organisation (WTO) negotiations, according to reports from Washington.

"Both leaders expressed their desire to see the US-India civil nuclear issue move forward as expeditiously as possible," an AFP report quoted United States National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe as telling reporters in Washington.

V. R. Krishna Iyer Sovereign India is justly sceptical about the Manmohan Singh government's specious nuclear strategy. There are shining victories to be won in the cause of peace and social justice. We shall reach the new freedom by not submitting to economic slavery

Prabir Purkayastha A close analysis of the draft India-IAEA safeguards agreement, and the restricted document GOV/1621, reveals that if it comes to the crunch, it is the provisions of the Hyde Act that will prevail. This is what is inbuilt in the agreement, the government's spin notwithstanding.