russia has started the construction of world's first floating nuclear plant despite concerns about its safety. The plant, being built near Severodvinsk situated on Russia's northwestern coast,

high levels of plutonium has been found in sediments at the end of Sellafield nuclear discharge pipeline. It even exceeds plutonium contamination levels found in the sea at Russia's Novaya

a scientific investigation by the Russian and Norwegian governments has found that radioactive contamination from the production of plutonium for the former Soviet Union's nuclear weapons was far

THE Arctic Ocean could be another Chernobyl in the making, says Alexel Yablokov, head of Russia's Interagency Commission on Ecological Security, pointing a finger at Russia's environmental

BY THE time this editorial is out, the Akatsuki Maru, the Japanese ship due to elbow through 11 tonnes of reprocessed plutonium waste from the French port of Cherbourg to Japan, will probably be

Seeds of nuts used by Andhra tribals to purify water yields a substance that can be used to remove toxic metals from industrial waste.

THIS RESOURCE guide to environmental action by women's groups and communities in the Asian Pacific region offers an excellent introduction to the issues involved, addressing all readers and not just

An excerpt from State of the World 1992