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NAWALPARASI /PALPA , SEP 01 - The subsequent rise of timber smuggling in community forests located in the remote areas of Palpa and Nawalparasi has been blamed on the weakness of the District Fores

The Western and Far-Western regions of the country have vast wind energy resources that could be extracted commercially, according to a study.

Just five years ago, vultures were considered as harbingers of bad fortune in a village in western Nepal.

Local people in Palungmainadi VDC in the district have been facing an acute shortage of drinking water.

A large amount of government funds allocated for the 20 km Deurali-Dambak road in the district has almost been wasted due to delay and negligence in the construction work.

Construction of a drinking water project has begun at Rampur in the eastern belt of Palpa district.

PALPA, JAN 13 - Residents of Kachal VDC in the district were recently connected to the central power line, bringing electricity to the village, thanks to the government’s rural electrification prog