Dow Chemicals may run into trouble with its Indian investments. On August 8, Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizer Ram Vilas Paswan met some of the victims of the Bhopal gas leak disaster at their protest site in New Delhi and promised them action against the company. An empowered committee would be formed within two months to oversee the cleanup work at the Union Carbide site, heavily

The environment committee of the European Union on September 12 approved amendments of a draft regulation intended to update its existing law on the authorisation of new pesticide products. The

de-nocil, an India subsidiary of Dow Chemicals, is being investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation (cbi) for its role in bribing Indian officials at the Union ministry of agriculture to get

The US Environmental Protection Agency has approved the use of a new pesticide despite opposition from more than 50 scientists across the country, including five Nobel Prize-winning chemists.