What is supposed to be a receptacle for sound, sometimes makes quite a racket itself

The link of male homosexuality to q28 gene on the X chromosome was recently reinforced by scientists, exactly 2 years after the first evidence in its favour was produced. After studying a

Brain scaps lift a little the veils off throbbing headaches

"Learn a lesson from the past, and stop the bombings and the blastings..," said UN secretary-general Boutros Boutros Ghali in a message on Hiroshima peace day. "This is an anniversary to remind us

sterilising produce: A new method to sterilise fruits and vegetables has been developed, which literally sucks life out of germs. It could replace ozone-depleting chemicals, like methyl bromide,

Energy expenditure in the human body is based on an internal clock

Chemicals resembling oestrogen, may be causing sexual irregularities in adolescent girls

The bene fits of hormone replacement therapy in post menopausal women outweigh its side effects

Human behaviour may, after all, be the upshot of molecular games. Scientists working with voles -- mouse-like creatures -- found that monogamy and parenting among these animals depended critically on