Oral vaccination may enhance immunological memory

A team of researchers from Austria report that the lingering smell from garlic-eaters comes not from the plant, but from the chemicals in the blood produced by a change in the body's metabolism. The

The protein, leptin, could be the key to initiating puberty in an individual

It is very well known that alcohol and cigarettes are ancient companions, but the reason for the link is not well understood. Scientists recently discovered that both these chemicals affect the same

Appearances are deceptive, as the case of honey bees demonstrates. Though physiologically alike, queens and workers among bees can be genetically classified as different species

Janalee Cadwell of the University of Oklahoma, US, has been investigating South American frogs whose poisonous secretions are used to tip arrows and darts. Her researches have led to the conclusion

a controversial theory

Scientists at the Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences dipas), New Delhi, have recently developed a gas mask containing five per cent carbon dioxide ( CO 2 ) and 95 per cent oxygen

What makes a person dance to loud music? Neil Todd, a psychologist at the University of Manchester, UK, thinks that the urge has its roots inside the ears. Basing his arguments on studies on animals,

DESPITE all efforts to marginalise the chasm between the genders, the Human Development Report (hdr), 1995, has documented gender disparities still existing in the world. Prepared against the