The nearly 900kg Nasa’s Curiosity rover which touched down on the Red Planet’s Gale Grater on August 6 has “discovered hints of organic compounds which could aid primitive life,’’ mission scientist

Scientists on Thursday announced new evidence that Mercury, the planet orbiting nearest the sun, hosts massive caches of ice and revealed new information on how water reached our solar system’s inn

Mercury is as cold as ice.

India plans to launch a space probe that will orbit Mars in November 2013, a senior official from the country's space research establishment said on Monday.

A team of astronomers has found two planets orbiting around a pair of stars roughly 5,000 light years away from the Earth, declaring it the first multi-planet system centering a binary star.

The US space agency has just landed a huge new robot rover on Mars.

Scientists poring over data collected by NASA's Kepler space telescope have discovered a world outside its field of view, demonstrating a new technique for finding planets beyond the Solar System,

A study using the Herschel space telescope aimed to measure the fraction of deuterium, a rare type of hydrogen, present in the comet’s water.

Scientists have discovered that the upper atmosphere of Mars contains up to a hundred times more water than previously thought, a finding they say could change our understanding of the Martian clim

From double sunrise to double sunset the show goes on, always changing.