Paris was plunged into darkness as thousands of French energy workers staged a mass strike. The 24-hour stoppage was in response to the government's plans to transform state-owned power firms

Even remote areas can be electrified through biomass gasification

Sri Lanka's power and energy ministry is moving towards

Delhi High Court directs CAG to probe power plant deal

The Bush administration unveils new energy policy with an intention to revive nuclear reactors and to build new plants. Joining hands with nuclear lobbyists the administration skips uncomfortable issues like nuclear power being costly, unsafe and environm

The US energy plan eulogises France as a safe nuclear success story, without understanding the French failure in managing nuclear waste

Electricity prices in California are drastically increased to tackle the energy crisis

the Finland government has appointed a committee to compare the country's energy tax rates with those in other

A new lighting control equipment based on daylight sensors is being tested in eight experimental offices in Trondheim, Norway, by the Norwegian Electric Power Research Institute. One of the two