The second and final phase of the historic translocation of 500 elephants in Malawi is underway and this month 200 elephants will be translocated to their new environment.

TWO of the three lions which were found roaming among the community near the Botswana border last week were captured and safely relocated to Buffalo Game Park in Kavango East.

The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) has approved Rs 3.40 crore Tiger Relocation Plan for the Rajaji Tiger Reserve. The plan was prepared by the Wildlife Institute of India in 2010.

KOLKATA: Six tigers would be relocated to Buxa Tiger Reserve (BTR) in north Bengal from neighbouring Assam as part of a plan for augmentation of tiger population in the reserve which was approved b

An artificial lake could be created in former Gikondo Industrial Zone in Kigali once the relocation of all the factories there to the Special Economic Zone is completed, Rwanda Environment Manageme

Alien species are a major component of human-induced environmental change. Variation in the numbers of alien species found in different areas is likely to depend on a combination of anthropogenic and environmental factors, with anthropogenic factors affecting the number of species introduced to new locations, and when, and environmental factors influencing how many species are able to persist there. However, global spatial and temporal variation in the drivers of alien introduction and species richness remain poorly understood.

US government proposes introducing more wolves to Isle Royale as population dwindles.

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Zimbabwean First Lady Grace Mugabe has reportedly been embroiled in yet another controversy after it emerged that she allegedly used the country's animals to settle a Democratic Republic of Congo (

China will encourage labor-intensive manufacturing industries located along the eastern coast to relocate inland, it said in a new 2016-2020 plan to develop the economy of its western regions.

JAIPUR: Even as wildlife enthusiasts are exploring the possibilities of relocating tigers at the Mukundra Tiger Hills in Kota, which was once a tiger habitat and declared as a reserve in 2013 but i