The residents of an Alaskan coastal village have begun voting on whether to relocate because of rising sea levels.

The WII's is carrying out a longer study on the Kuno habitat to assess the status of prey, predators, disease prevalence among carnivore communties, human impacts and people's perceptions to lion r

The shifting of about 40 lions from Gujarat to Madhya Pradesh’s Palpur Kuno sanctuary, that a top wildlife institute had recommended, has been delayed by over three years despite a Supreme Court ve

Even as environment and forest minister Anil Dave informed the Lok Sabha on Tuesday that Madhya Pradesh government had not sought 'immediate' transfer of Asiatic lions from Gujarat to Kuno-Palpur s

DEHRADUN: The jumbos will patrol the porous southern side of the tiger reserve which is connected to Uttar Pradesh.

LIWONDE NATIONAL PARK, MALAWI – Half a dozen African elephants lay strewn on a riverside plain in Malawi, immobilized by darts fired from a helicopter in a massive project to move 500 elephants, by

African Parks, in collaboration with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife, are helping to preserve this threatened species by moving 500 elephants in one of the biggest events ever to happ

Wildlife experts in Malawi will next month start moving up to 500 elephants to a sanctuary that they hope could eventually serve as a reservoir to restore some elephant populations in other parts o

BEIJING - The number of people living in poverty in rural areas was reduced by 66.63 million from 2012 to 2015, said a government report released on Tuesday.

The scientists of Wildlife Institute of India (WII) , SA Hussain and Ruchi Badola have been assigned the task to provide second home to 110 Sangai , brow-antlered and one of the most endangered spe