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Mr Michael Kirby, a judge of the Australian high court, was awarded the 1998 Prize for Human Rights

The oldest footprints of modern-day man have been found in the Chauvet cave discovered in 1994 in southern France, the Culture Ministry said. The footprints, between 20,000 and 30,000 years old and

The 'recovery' of over 400 objects of historical interest for the first time from Mithila region by a team of archaeologists from KP Jayswal Institute takes back proven Mithilanchal history to the

After Dolly the sheep, it's Millie the goat. The world's first cloned transgenic goats have been born as part of a research programme conducted by LSU Agricultural Centre and Genzyme Transgenic

A new show reveals artistic spelndors, even abstract imagery, from the tombs of Egypt's pharaohs : a

Finally allowed back into the Grotee Chauvet one of hundreds of natural caverns cut into the pale limestone cliffs that form the Ardeche Gorge (France) and containing the world's rock paintings,

Guatemalans appear to have voted down constitutional changes to recognize officially for the first time the rights of the country's Mayan majority, a rejection that supporters of the measures said

Aid organizations operate on the assumption-and-hope-that their programs eventually improve lives. Is that supported by fact, or is it an illusion, wishful thinking by those who part with "guilt"

The findings of a recent study by a Chennai-based NGO on the condition of child domestic workers has shown that 26 per cent of 200 child domestic workers employed in the houses of State govt

The All India Chamber of Match Industries - a body of small-scale match manufacturers from Sivakasi in Tamil nadu - has decried the attempts of the Tamil Nadu Government to put an end to the process