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Kathmandu Valley, which boasts of seven monumental zones enlisted in the World Heritage Site (WHS), may see its name cut-off from the list if it doesn't pull up its socks soon. The degrading

Better education in poor countries would give everyone a richer life, and not cost much. But in Africa more and more children do not go to school at all : a

The decision to implement Education Guarantee Scheme (EGS) at the national level is a big leap forward in the educational sector. As promised in the Budget, 1.8 lakh schools will become operational

Ar Rs. 840 per school going child, the Government spends twice as much as their parents do in a year, but the State needs another Rs. 7,186 crores to bring education to 59-million children still left

The Delhi government has launched an ambitious project to provide quality education to the city's children who do not have access to schools. According to a government estimate, more than three lakh

Pre-historic rock paintings and rock shelters of great archaeological value have recently been found at Urdain village in Raisen district, near here. The paintings confirm that the people of this

Indian museum will launch the country's first mobile conservation laboratory on Tuesday, which is aimed at providing preservation facilities to private and small museums in West

The enchanting monuments of Mandu and stoneage rock shelters and paintings of Bhimbetka in the State (M. P.) will shortly appear on the World Heritage list of UNESCO. A formal intimation of this

The Marine Archaeology Centre of the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO), Goa, has submitted a proposal to the Gujarat government to build a unique underwater museum to view the remains of the

Some good news has come with the development of a simple and efficient Gravitational Settling Chamber design that incorporates an innovative approach for the removal of particulate matters from