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The ministry of environment and forests has proposed to introduce a parallel public transport network, running on compressed natural gas (CNG), in Delhi. THis is to lower the use of petrol and diesel

For tribals struggling for survival in the Narmada basin in Gujarat, the World Bank may have brought a new lease of life. The Asmal-Jain commission, set up by international agencies, will allow

With detailed radar maps as their guide, archeologists have explored the jungle beyond the ancient ruins of Angkor in Cambodia and uncovered remnants of previously unknown temples and new evidence of

New evidence of a prehistoric civilization and remnants of ancient temples in Angkor, Cambodia, have been discovered by researchers using highly detailed maps produced with data from an airborne

Delegates from 22 countries will participate in a five-day conference of the Second Asia Regional Literacy Forum to be inaugurated here on

The Union Government has taken a decision to delegate the power of providing education for all children in the country to the State governments, and a committee has been formed for the purpose of

Scientists in Wisconsin have mixed ear of pig and egg of cow and a series of other cross species combination into clone living embryos of pigs, rats, sheep and monkeys. The series of experiments,

Stone tools dating back 80,000 years have been discovered at a site in Mansar, where excavations are on to unearth a stupa and a temple complex by the Bodhisatva Nagarjun Memorial Sanstha and

The Government of India along with the United Nations system will be soon launching a $20 millions project called "Community Based Primary Education

British archeologists have been called in to help manage and protect two World Heritage Sites in Bangladesh - a Buddhist complex at Paharpur and the 15th century Islamic city of Baerhat - which are