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The Canadian government has apologized to the Indian, Inuit and other aboriginal peoples of Canada for decades of mistreatment, offering an emotional atonement for policies that sought to stamp out

At the risk of sounding anti-national, when one reads in The Indian Express of a two tonne slab falling off an architectural marvel like the Sun Temple of Konark, one wishes the Raj had never ended.

More evidence that life can exist under the harshest, most extreme conditions deep inside the earth suggests the expeditions on Mars or Jupiter's moon Europa could find teeming colonies of

Coinciding with the golden jubilee year of independence, the Orissa government has launched a project to restore about 400 ancient monuments presently lying in ruins in different parts of the

A 2,500-year-old archaeological site belonging to the Megalithic or the Iron Age is claimed to have been recently discovered by Mr Mysooru Nagarak Sharma in village Boochalli of Dodda Belavangala

British scientists are using computer simulations to see how floods can be tackled

Naina Kidwai, India chairperson of HSBC has edited a book containing 30 essays by women who lead large organisations in India. In this special episode of Nothing But the Truth, Karan Thapar discusses how difficult it is for women to rise to the top.


A piece of floral decoration of one of the minarets of Charminar broke and fell off on Sunday night during heavy downpour.

The historic 418-year-old monument is soaked due to spells of heavy rains every night since last Sunday, and parts of the minarets that are carved in lime-mortar paste broke loose.