The Directorate of Economics and Statistics is the nodal agency to collate and and analyze data on various aspects of Indian agriculture.

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has released its annual statistics on power generation in South Africa for the year 2021. Highlights include the increased contribution of renewable energy technologies to the total energy mix, and loadshedding in 2021 overtaking 2020 as the most intensive year of loadshedding to date.

Water resources of India are examined in the context of the growing population and the national ambition to become and be seen as a developed nation.

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) produces comprehensive statistics on a range of topics related to renewable energy. This publication presents renewable power generation capacity statistics for the past decade (2012-2021) in trilingual tables.

In 2021, the Emergency Event Database (EM-DAT) recorded 432 disastrous events related to natural hazards worldwide. Overall, these accounted for 10,492 deaths, affected 101.8 million people and caused approximately 252.1 billion US$ of economic losses.

This first volume of the EnviStats – India 2022 was published by the National Statistical Office of the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Government of India, on March 31, 2022. The EnviStats were first published in 2018 and this is the fifth edition in the series.

The rationale behind the report was the following:

This report comprises of detailed information on key domains of population, health and family welfare and associated domains like characteristics of the population; fertility; family planning; infant and child mortality; maternal and child health; nutrition and anaemia; morbidity and healthcare; women’s empowerment etc.

The “Indian Petroleum & Natural Gas Statistics” presents updated comprehensive statistics on various aspects of Indian Petroleum & Natural Gas sector. The data on international developments in respect of the key parameters of Petroleum and Natural Gas sector have also been captured in the publication.

Progress report and comprehensive action plan in OA. No. 172 of 2019 (Residents of Village Adampur, PO Masodi Khera, District Dholpur Vs State of Rajasthan) dated 17/02/2022.

The matter dealt with remediation of legacy waste in Rajasthan.