Government today said it is reviewing some of the hydro power projects in the country to ensure that the country gets enough clean energy without hurting the ecology.

The mega tourism development plan for Tehri Lake has been suspended for the past one year. The centre, however, has already sanctioned Rs 150 crore for the project.

Many areas of the Yamuna and Tons valleys have not got over the effects of last year’s disaster due to which the life of people there has become very difficult.

Though one year has passed since the flood disaster wreaked havoc in Uttarakhand, the situation in the affected areas in Tehri district has not improved.

The raging forest fires have become a major problem for the Forest Department which is finding it difficult to control the menace despite its concerted efforts in Tehri district.

The power generated at the Tehri hydro power project may have illuminated millions of homes and offices in nine Indian States but ironically in the Tehri district itself, lakhs of people are still

With the State Government turning a blind eye to the detrimental effects of building large dams like the Tehri dam, the native fish species once found in abundance in the Bhagirathi river and its m

Questions being raised about possible floods in downstream areas

The level in the Tehri dam in Uttarakhand on Sunday reached 818.50 metres against the permissible mark of 825 metres, Tehri District Magistrate Nitesh Kumar Jha told The Hindu .

Residents of Charu Khet say they would have been languishing in apathy if not for the deluge

It is a small hamlet of about a dozen households just off the national highway near the Narendra Nagar bypass in Tehri district. And Charu Khet is noticeable only because of a huge mass of stone and concrete that has spilled all over the only road that connects the hamlet to the rest of the district.

ALLAHABAD: Although seers and pilgrims coming to MahaKumbh, or otherwise too, have time and again raised their voice against the falling level of water in the holy Ganga, the actual area of concern