In view of increasing instances of natural disasters, there is a need for a new strategy for environment and ecological conservation for development in the Himalayan region.

Human activity was responsible for the rising natural calamities in the Himalayan region.

Considering the scope for fruit cultivation on step farms, apple growing was encouraged in the Chamba-Mussoorie fruit belt. But, of late, global warming has reduced the sweetness of apples.

Waste generated in construction activities and debris from Chamba town are being dumped into the Henwal river.

Many areas of the Yamuna and Tons valleys have not got over the effects of last year’s disaster due to which the life of people there has become very difficult.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi might be concerned over the state of Ganga river, but the authorities responsible for keeping the river pollution free seem reluctant to care about its condition.

With the summer heat melting the glaciers faster, the rising levels of Bhagirathi river have raised the level of anxiety being experienced by those living along the banks of this river in the Uttar

Though one year has passed since the flood disaster wreaked havoc in Uttarakhand, the situation in the affected areas in Tehri district has not improved.

The raging forest fires have become a major problem for the Forest Department which is finding it difficult to control the menace despite its concerted efforts in Tehri district.

The power generated at the Tehri hydro power project may have illuminated millions of homes and offices in nine Indian States but ironically in the Tehri district itself, lakhs of people are still