Recently, owing to contamination from the textile dye waste generated by factories that are situated along the Kelani river, the water supply to the city of Colombo got seriously disrupted.

Fabric printinggoes high tech with the help of a computercontrolled nvironmentfriendly technique

A new fabric can kill irritating smells and save you from skin diseases


Surjit S Mann, director of the Delhi-based Kala-Tex India Ltd has invented an environment-friendly textile dye by a process based on electrolyte technology. This electrolytic composition dye labelled

These are not the best of times for azo dyes. Germany had banned the import, trade and use of certain azo dyes in textiles in April; France and the Netherlands have followed suit now. Azo dyes,

The weather may be unpredictable but this new fabric quickly adjusts to its mood swings and maintains a balance between your body temperature and the outside environment

Instant success, total failure and stupendous return polyester completes the cycle and comes out of oblivion to hit the market once again

Weeds are more often a nuisance., and so was the case with Banmara or Eupatorium adenophorum which was the bane of farmers in the eastern Himalaya and Uttar Pradesh. Shunned even by

How does the idea of silk-coats leather sound? Scientists at tic National Institute of Sericultural and Entomological Science Japan are working to realise the ideT with the help of