Spinning skin from silk

A handloom trader experiments with traditional medicinal herbs for dyeing garments

As rivers spill over, the sea becomes the new dumping destination in coastal Gujarat

Jammu and Kashmir High Court gets tough on imposition of ban on shahtoosh products

India s wealth of flora and fauna provide a rainbow of natural dyes

Research efforts on natural colours are not helping the traditional industry

Natural dye business survives on exporters and the local carpet industry

Natural dyes, now popular in the West, are yet to make it big in the Indian market, reports R V Singh
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"I am hiding because I don't want to go to work today. But they will come and drag me. Look, here they come!" This is 9 year old Pyaari, a child labourer who wants to play, not work. This

Since independence, India has had strong policies to promote the small-scale industrial sector: it is labor intensive and thus creates more jobs, it contributes to decentralized industrial development and the units are flexible and able to quickly reorient themselves to emerging demands.