The Center proposes to consolidate all watershed programmes under a single ministry. The aim of the new programme, called Hariyali, is to streamline work and avoid duplication. "I am totally in

Drinking water project peppered with flaws

Natural dyes, now popular in the West, are yet to make it big in the Indian market, reports R V Singh
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India s green light to Bt cotton opens up a whole new can of worms

Safeguards have been erected to weed out the supplies of tea laden with high pesticide residue levels. But when governments use these benchmarks to camouflage protectionism, there"s trouble brewing

Mounting economic pressures cast a dark shadow on the future of camels and their traditional breeders in Rajasthan

Mythila painting is an innovative media that contain powerful messages of conservation

A school principal in Bihar revives the cultivation of the crop that symbolised the independence struggle

There is more water than land in north Bihar. The rivers that ramble down from the Himalaya feed numerous depressions scattered all over the plains making wetlands innumerable, one of the most productive ecosystems on Earth. Rich in flora and fauna, it i