A Rs 56.89 crore budget for the Environment Department of West Bengal government was passed in the state Assembly today.

Climate change is threatening to impact the bottomline of the organised tea industry in India, with unprecedented high temperatures in Assam and excessive rainfall in Darjeeling impacting the prize

Asiatic black bear (Ursus thibetanus) is one of the largest carnivores of Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary (WLS). This 38.97 km2 sanctuary is known to have 19 villages along its periphery and inside it and incidents of human wildlife conflict in these villages is common. However, information on conflict related to Asiatic black bear is very less.

Cyclone Aila hit West Bengal on May 25 with a fury unprecedented in recent history.

Traditional medicine, based largely on herbs, still supports the primary healthcare of more people worldwide than

Prize Catch
* The Eastern Himalayas and Western Ghats are prime hunting grounds for smugglers of rare Indian butterflies and beetles
* They're in demand internationally for private collections, butterfly parks, traditional medicine, and also to be encased into jewellery

The Darjeeling Tea Association (DTA) has mounted efforts to increase the production of organic tea so that the majority of the champagne of teas is organically produced by 2010.

Kalimpong: Six-hundred-and-forty households in and around Kalimpong have appealed to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to save them from landslides, a threat that looms large in the hills during monsoon.

KOLKATA, Feb. 13: School-going children in West Bengal are more prone to get addicted to tobacco products. Thanks to the lack of awareness among people in these parts about the dangers of tobacco use. This was revealed by a voluntary organisation, West Bengal Voluntary Health Association (WBVHA) this afternoon who have been engaged by the Union health ministry to spread awareness about the ill-effects of tobacco.

what gives Darjeeling tea its much sought after flavour? A team of scientists is trying to find out just that. Experts at India's Tea Research Association's Tocklai Experimental Station (tes) in