more bad news for smokers. The cancer stick undermines the body's immune system, leaving it more susceptible to bacterial infections, shows new research. It is already known that smokers are more

discovery of a giant frog in Madagascar has challenged certain geological assumptions. The frog's (Beelzebufo ampigna) presence there lends credence to the contested theory that there was a land

come May, water may no longer be free for Kolkata residents. The city has decided to levy a water tax. "The idea is to recover the operation and maintenance costs of supplying water,' says B K

manoranjan Das bsc, llb, mca thought his degrees would get him a job at the Vedanta Alumina refinery in Orissa's Lanjigarh block. He had more reasons; one acre of his family land is now part of

Bengal bird flu outbreak shows up state, central health system on january 15, the union government confirmed a bird flu outbreak in West Bengal. The worst India has ever seen, the outbreak caught

long environmental problems, not a sudden catastrophe, might have led to the Great Dying that ended the Permian era 250 million years ago, says a new study. The event wiped out 90 per cent of marine

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india has thin land roots. That's why it moved about five times faster and further away than other landmasses when it broke apart from its mother supercontinent

bithari village, Swarupnagar block, North 24-Paraganas: the men of Uttarpara hamlet in Bithari are hiding out in the fields every night despite the winter chill in the air. Better brave the cold

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