Discarded plastic is being recycled into clothes

Indian textiles using toxic dyes will be banned in Germany from July 1. Indian exporters, already struggling to adjust to 'environment friendly' production norms of the West, will have to juggle

Problems of pollution of the Rs 400-crore Thapar-DuPont project to manufacture nylon in Goa has become a bone of contention between the partners. Evidently, pollution control experts reporting

Several Western nations have decided to stipulate high environmental standards for the goods they import. The step demands the substitution of several chemicals deemed harmful with ecologically benign ones, and suitable technological modifications an e

A RECENT study conducted by the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research in Bombay shows that about 60 per cent of Indian exports go to the industrialised countries. This should be cause for

A fabric developed at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, promises to keep sweat from being a bother

The Union minister of state for tex-tiles, G Venkat Swamy, has threatened "retaliatory action" against American products, if a recent US ban on the sale of rayon ghagras made in India is not

Recycling water and chemicals has resulted in drastic reduction of effluents from Surat's textile units.

THE LUNAWA lagoon in southwest Sri Lanka is being polluted by various dyes and toxic chemicals being discharged by industries, especially textile plants, writes Tinil Fernando for Biosphere. The

Under pressure from importers and voluntary groups, traders are acknowledging the need to regulate the employment of children.