The state of Virginia is going to sue the US government demanding US $1.5 million as its share ofthe money spent so far and for future expenses required for cleaning up the pollution caused

The damage that textile production causes to the environment has been a bone of contention for environ

A gaily coloured dress might be a visual treat, but the dyes used in them might hide a dark secret. Studies at the Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology in the US have revealed that

NEPAL'S carpet manufacturers have alleged that some environmental groups are the booming carpet industry in the name of a cleaner environment. Bijay Bahadur Shrestha, former president of the Central

A mathematical theory may result in an objective technique to evaluate both the comfort of a fabric and how it will behave over time

Fathers may be responsible for birth defects in their offspring (New Scientist, Vol 136 No 1843). Research using animal models suggests some miscarriages, birth defects and children's diseases can be

Get eight economists to discuss an issue and you"ll get nine opinions. Down to Earth did precisely that. Eight noted economists were invited, along with a scientist-activist, an industrialist, a bureaucrat and two educationists, to analyse the impact