India is recognized as one of the countries having the oldest, richest and most diverse cultural traditions associated with the use of herbal medicines. But due to over-harvesting in their natural habitats, many medicinal plants have been put on the endangered list of IUCN.

CHENGAM: Chengam Assembly constituency has been witnessing development during the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) regime. The proposal to start a milk powder processing unit at Ammapalayam, which will be operational in one year, is an example, Food Minister E.V. Velu said here on Tuesday.

FORMER Union Minister of State for Railways and PMK

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IT is not planting of saplings but well grown trees themselves that makes the second phase of

About 300 saplings, 75 flowering shrubs planted on Wednesday


Groundwater level going down: Palar Protection Movements

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THE two-and-a-half acre sandalwood godown at Tirupattur, considered to be the biggest in Asia and maintained by the Tirupattur Forest Division, will install hightech surveillance system to protect its 600 tonne stock of sandalwood and red sanders, wor th crores of rupees.

VELLORE: Residents of Arasamarapettai in Vellore Corporation have complained that sewage has mixed with drinking water and they could not use the water being supplied by the Corporation in the last 10 days.

The other day, our editions in Tamil Nadu carried a small item of news from the northern district of Vellore, on the pleasure of water-rig operators at the profitable season ahead. The Celsius level has suddenly shot up there, the maximum touching almost 40 degrees already, and the water level, it appears, has sunk to below 800 ft in much of the district.