Agricultural drought has been a recurrent phenomenon in many parts of India. Remote sensing plays a vital role in real time monitoring of the agricultural drought conditions over large area, there by effectively supplementing the ground mechanism. Conventional drought monitoring is based on subjective data.

VELLORE: All encroachments on waterbodies in Vellore district will be removed, C. Rajendran, Collector, said here on Wednesday.

Vellore (TN) (PTI): Tamil Nadu Government has sanctioned a total of Rs 16 crore to four districts, including Vellore, for undertaking fourth phase of rainwater harvesting of irrigation wells.

The other districts covered under the fourth phase were Tiruvannamalai, Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri districts, officials said.

VELLORE: The oral polio vaccine (OPV) that is administered to children in the 0-5 age group during the annual pulse polio campaigns in the country is perfectly safe and does not cause immediate illness or death, according to T.

The Tannery sector is one of the most important highly water polluting industrial category. India has about 3,000 tanneries with a total processing capacity of 700,000 tons of hides and skins per year. In this paper an attempt is made to know the pollution level in the effluent generated and also suggest advanced treatment system to bring various pollutants like chlorides, COD, BOD and TDS.


Saving ecology: M.S. Swaminathan, Chairman, M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, planting a sapling in Vellore on Sunday. Collector C. Rajendran is in the picture.

Generating awareness: Students of the Government Higher Secondary School, Brammapuram, watching a demonstration of a solar cooker at an awareness programme conducted at the VITU in Vellore on Thursday. G. Viswanathan, Chancellor, VITU ( third from right), is in the picture.

Dharmendra Pratap Yadav

VELLORE: Human destruction of forest wealth and deprivation of food and water for wild animals in their natural habitat are the reasons for the animals straying into agricultural land in search of food and damaging crops , Collector Dharmendra Pratap Yadav said here on Tuesday.

VELLORE: The scheme which facilitates scientific disposal and treatment of biomedical waste from all government hospitals in Vellore district is to be implemented with effect from September 1. It includes Government Vellore Medical College Hospital, Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) Hospital and all 30-bed primary health centres (PHCs) in the district.