A British medical team has found evidence linking chronic fatigue to viral illness (The Lancet, Vol 344, No 8926). Anthony David and his colleagues at the Institute' of Psychiatry, London,

CHEERS! But be warned, the champagne in your glass may actually be a genetically engineered brew. A team of French researchers at a research centre run by champagne manufacturers

THOUGH only about 10 per cent of rainforest plants -- far less diverse than ocean life -- have been screened, these have still yielded a number of anti-cancer, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory drugs.

It is widely assumed that a deficiency of immune function underlies the coexistence of viral excretion and specific-antibody production in patients with congenital rubella. Recent demonstrations of lymphocyte viræmia, and of lymphocyte competence for response to phytohæmagglutinin, have made this assumption more questionable. Whether or not the cellular immune system is unresponsive to rubella virus, cellular viræmia can be expected to continue for the lifespan of the infected cell.