Geophysicists work out a new way to find the Earth s hidden heat sources

A sleeping giant is about to come to life at the British colony of Montserrat in Eastern Caribbean. Eruptions and emissions of ash from a volcano dormant for centuries have sent almost 1,000 people

The early sci-fi image of robots taking over hazardous tasks so far done by human beings came a step closer to realisation with the success of NASA's (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

The charting of how poisonous gases spewing out of a volcano spread might help reduce the loss of life

Scientists in Arizona say the latest satellite images from Venus indicate very little volcanic activity has taken place on the planet after a massive eruption 500 million years ago.

Volcanic activity in the Zambales range, of which Mount Pinatubo is a part, started 7 million years ago and Pinatubo itself has been active for 1.1 million years. Pinatubo last erupted about 400 years ago.