COIMBATORE: What started as a passion and love for nature has landed him an international honour.

For several years now, the vulture in the State has had a human shadowing it, watching over the bird of prey in the Mudumalai—Sathyamangalam area.

BENGALURU: Once widespread, the Vulture species have declined to the brink of extinction in just a decade.

Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation Minister Uma Bharati has threatened to go on a hunger strike if concerns for tigers and vultures come in the way of linking two rivers that

AHMEDABAD: Loss of Ahmedabad had turned to be beneficial for Surendranagar district.

Ahmedabad: The number of vultures recorded in Ahmedabad district ( city and rural) has come down to 45 in 2016 from the 126 that was there in 2012.

Chennai: The last thing N Raveendran, a Madurai-based naturalist, expected to see when he participated in the vulture census in the forests of the Nilgiris was a Himalayan griffon vulture.

INDORE: Vulture census by state forest department for a second time this year shows quantum leap in its population.

Ahmedabad: The biennial vulture census will take place in the state on May 28-29.

As many as 36 animal and plant species in Gujarat have been categorized as endangered by the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Union Minister of State for Environment and Forest