LUCKNOW: The tiger census report to be released this month will not only give the final count of tigers in the country but also the number of endangered scavengers - vultures and the state of biodi

Around 175 out of 230 large water bodies in Bangladesh, have dried up or have been illegally occupied creating serious water security issues. Read more in November 2014 edition of the Monthly Overview on State of Environment, Bangladesh

The government will establish vulture safe zones in greater Sylhet and greater Khulna to revive the population of the critically endangered species, environment and forest ministry Secretary Md Noj

The government is looking at amending the Wildlife Protection Act to bring conservation breeding centres, like zoos and rescue centres, under it.

A flock of threatened vulture species — Himalayan Griffon (Gyps himalayensis) — has been spotted at Kalatop Khajjiar Wildlife Sanctuary in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh by a team of researche

Ketoprofen, a substitute for diclofenac which is also lethal for vultures, was found in 40% of the sampled drug stores

The campaign by the Forest Department and conservationists to protect vultures in The Nilgiris got a boost on Sunday, with the gram sabhas in the district resolving to back the cause.

Vultures, which had practically become extinct in and around Delhi over the past couple of decades, are making a comeback.

After vanishing from Delhi, the endangered vultures are facing the threat of extinction in the Indian subcontinent also.

Called the ‘Jatayu Restaurant’, an area dedicated for conservation of endangered vulture species in the eastern region has of late been facing all sorts of difficulties in providing food for the sc