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The Nepali government has finally admitted that the state-run Himal cement factory in Kathmandu is a major polluter. The factory will now be fitted with pulse jet filters and filter bags to trap the

Fisherfolk go militant as state intervention stinks

FRUIT and vegetable farmers in California, USA, are experiencing one of the driest seasons of the century, not because of paltry rains but due to a shortsighted official policy. A new ruling has

Since the '70s, the Israelis have enjoyed international recognition for using well-managed modern technologies to get the Negev desert and other arid parts of their young country to bloom. Perhaps

There is some apprehension about the new South African government's stand on environment and science and technology, but emerging trends bring hope for the future

The international convention on desertification is plagued by differences of opinion on financial resources and funding mechanisms

THE Bellanwila-Attitdiaya marsh, near Colombo in Sri Lanka, is in deep trouble, reports Mallika Wanigasundara. Despite being declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1990, its survival is threatened by the

PAMPERED residents of metropolitan cities have so far paid only nominal charges for the water piped to their homes. However, this largesse is being partially corrected in Madras where the Madras

JAPAN has commissioned the Monju fast-breeder reactor, heedless of severe criticism from Western anti-nuclear proliferation groups. The plant is a $6 billion prototype of a chain of reactors that