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JAPAN has commissioned the Monju fast-breeder reactor, heedless of severe criticism from Western anti-nuclear proliferation groups. The plant is a $6 billion prototype of a chain of reactors that

The latest international meet on water nearly drowned in platitudes

The "vast potential" of groundwater was either over-exploited or under-utilised, said minister of state for water resources and urban development P K Thungon at a seminar held in Delhi on March 22 to

The department of science and technology (DST) is seeking the cooperation of user agencies in north Indian states to generate information on glaciers and snow cover, to facilitate a better management

Delhi is choking on its own sewage

What will work? Investments in future projects? Expensive fresh water? Recycling for industries? Legislations?

Or how Delhi's five star hotels drown their sorrows

A full 10th of the city's water creates the most pampered oasis in the country

But it keeps the city alive

Three dams could bailout Delhi if plans flow right...