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About 170 million litres of water are wasted every day in Sri Lanka's capital, Colombo. The National Water Supply and Drainage Board supplies 236.39 million litres of water every day to metropolitan

A severe drought has brought into focus the precarious position of Japan's water resources

RAMAN Sukumar's book on elephants begins with a bull with a headache. We meet Biligiri in the first paragraph: he is an adolescent wild male elephant, "confused, like other sixteen year olds" (sic),

The World Bank has funded a project to stop the environmental degradation of the Danube delta

A draft national policy guideline for the allocation of river waters has run into strong opposition from the states

A major land conservation bill lies stalled in the us Congress. The California Desert Protection Bill, described as the biggest land conservation measure in the country in over a decade, is being

To reduce emissions of ozone depleting substances, a state government in Germany has hauled the reins on motorists rocketing down highways

"FROM the Nile to the Jordan to the Euphrates, armies have been mobilised and treaties signed over this precious commodity. In recent years, the needs of ever-increasing populations and burgeoning

An US Environment Protection Agency decision has added fuel to the fire in the row between the American oil industry and ethanol producers

Tanzanian farmers need no longer flee to the cities in search of greener pastures. The spectre of mass migration from rural areas has been haunting the nation ever since it was hit by a severe crop