Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that the top priority of the state government is to ensure well being of the common people, without which progress of the state is meaningless. The Chief Minister was addressing a function organised here a Lal Parade Ground today to present Star Awards to the promoted employees of the forest department and distribution of bonus to tendu leaf pluckers of Bhopal division.

Bs Reporter / New Delhi August 22, 2008, 0:28 IST

The Union Cabinet today approved the Unorganized Sector Workers' Social Security Bill, 2008, incorporating one of the key recommendations of the paliamentary standing committee

Surinder Sud / New Delhi August 18, 2008, 4:54 IST

The apex body for farmers' organisations has stated in a representation to the government that even big farmers were worse off than the lowest-paid government employees. It has charged the government with discrimination against farmers vis-

The 61st round of NSS shows that there is a turn around in employment growth in rural India after a phase of

The annual Asian Development Outlook provides a comprehensive economic analysis of 44 economies in developing Asia and the Pacific. This edition examines trends and prospects in Central Asia, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific. This year's theme on workers in developing Asia spotlights three issues. Will the region reap the demographic advantages of its many young people about to enter the workforce? Can it resolve its silent crisis in terms of its skills shortages?

Vivek Mehra / New Delhi July 25, 2008, 0:08 IST

The book is a thoroughly researched one. Palit and Bhattacharjee have successfully attempted to demystify the special economic zone (SEZ) phenomenon. The facts surrounding SEZs are presented in a simple and systematic manner.

Beneath the glitter of impressive economic growth rates, India faces a silent crisis: a shortage of skills. The longstanding problem gained fresh relevance after the economy changed tack in the 1990s. New situations call for new solutions. An altered pattern of employment

Karimnagar July 10: The main Opposition parties have drawn up ambitious plans to highlight the grievances of the Singareni workers and espouse their cause with a view to consolidate their strength in the entire coal belt ahead of the next general elections.

Leaders of the Bangladesh Garment Workers' Trade Union Centre yesterday demanded budgetary allocation to introduce food rationing for 2.5 million workers in the sector. In a statement the Centre leaders said the government and the factory owners should create a joint fund to begin the factory-based rationing of food. Faced with soaring prices of daily commodities, they said the low-paid workers are struggling to meet their daily needs. The workers, mostly female, are enormously contributing to the national economy but their lives are at stake, they added.

In what looks like the latest crisis to strike India's food bowl, migrant labourers, who earlier came in hordes to till Punjab's unending agricultural lands, have suddenly disappeared, forcing landlords to stop short of kidnapping them from railway stations and bus stops.