Order of the Supreme Court of India in the matter of The State of Madhya Pradesh & Others Vs Raj Kumar Jain dated 15/02/2019 regarding illegal transportation of tendu leaves with the help of a vehicle, which was subsequently seized by the forest authorities. The High Court held that the vehicle could not hav

The turnover from tendu leaves exceeded Rs 3 crore and the average annual earnings for a village was a little over Rs 4 lakh.

India’s degraded forests are seeing a turnaround.

Govt.-controlled organisation will continue to accept kendu leaf

The collection and sale of non-timber forest products (NTFPs) forms a significant part of the livelihoods of forest fringe communities in India, with an estimated 10-27 crore people involved in it.

Judgement of the Kolkata High Court in the matter of Aurangadabad Biri Merchants' Association & Ors.Vs. The State of West Bengal & Ors. dated 06/05/2014 regarding payment of market fee in relation to the transaction of Tobacco and Kendu Leaves in the notified market area for manufacturing Biri. The petitioners are claiming that they are engaged in manufacturing 'Biri'. They purchase raw materials i.e.

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Suresh Vs State of Maharashtra & Others issued on 25/09/2013 regarding measures taken for shifting of villages from the forest area, the status about manner in which the contracts are given for collecting Tendu leaves from the forest area and outside the forest area, the annual percentage of fire incidents from the period of filing of the Writ Petition up till the current year, the protection available to the Forest Guards, who are assigned duty to prevent the mischief mongers, who cause fire or indulge in poaching in the forest area

Analysing the problem-ridden process of implementing the Forest Rights Act 2006 in Odisha, this paper points out that it has focused more on providing land rights to individual claimants, neglecting community forest rights, the rights in protected areas, and other such provisions. Even so, the number of titles granted to tribal households is small compared to their total number in the state. Effective and comprehensive implementation of the FRA will have a significant impact on the livelihood of forest dwellers and the conservation of forests.

Maharashtra’s Tribal Development Department is helping 18 villages in three districts to use the Forest Rights Act to exercise their control over tendu leaves.

After the job guarantee scheme played a crucial role in UPA’s reelection the government is working on a plan to reach out to 100 mil lion tribals to ensure remun eration for minor forest pro duce.