Over the last few years, there has been a growing number of claims and counterclaims for plant patents.Around 80 per cent of these claims are from industrial corporations and the rest from

Environmentally sustainable development is the high point of talk in almost all international fora these But a key policy question is the extent to which the existing tax and subsidy regimes

The scenario in the fishing industry is alarming. The state of straddling fish stocks is a global disasaster and overfishing is a major problem. The structure of the fishing industry has

Despite increasing growth in food production, food security remains a problem. If the available food energy were evenly distributed within each country, 33 countries would not have been able to

While malnutrition stays with us in a big way, the quantity of arable land per capita is diminishing rapidly. Africa's population has increased from just under 300 million in 1970, to over 500

Contrary to the predictions, starting from the '50s, till the '80s, the world has not seen largescale and persistent shortage of minerals essential for industrial economies, despite prodigious

... and also eyes, vegetation, forests, crops, buildings, statues, monuments .... The latest reports of the World Health Organisation show that our cities are becoming like throwbacks to an

Women have always had it bad...patriarchy has ensured that down the generations. A look at women in the various spheres of life, in education, workplaces, health status and in power show that men are

Since the early '60s, medical research and public information campaigns have exposed the dangers -- passive and active -- of tobacco smoke. The resulting public paranoia led to the number of smokers

How green was our earth! And how fast is 'development' robbing us of the vital forest cover .. The depletion is causing major ecological damage, often completely destroying habitats, uproating