Action plan for the implementation of the national forest monitoring system of Pakistan

This action plan has been developed to fulfill the requirements of the UNFCCC through development and implementation of a robust and transparent national forest monitoring system. The purpose of the NFMS is to identify and develop processes that supports strategic decision making by systematic and repeated measurement and observation of forest resources, their management, uses and users; and periodic delivery of valid, representative and relevant information on status and trends for the country as a whole. In other words the purpose of the NFMS is to develop a robust and transparent national level forest monitoring system using standardized methods and tools for data collection, analysis, processing and reporting of the results. The overall objective of this Action Plan (AP) is to describe activities that Pakistan has to undertake to develop a robust and transparent National Forest Monitoring System for REDD+. The NFMS AP consists of chapters on action plan development methodology, national circumstances, capacity assessment, implementation of the NFMS, logical framework, budget and work plan.