Draft urban transport master plan for Colombo metropolitan region and suburbs

The Transport Ministry has formulated the draft Urban Transport Master Plan for the Colombo Metropolitan Region and the suburbs to address issues in the transport sector including heavy congestion in the Colombo city within the next 20 years. This plan containing short and medium and long term solutions to ease the traffic congestion in the city has been unveiled to the public through the ministry's website for public comments. The final plan is to be presented to the Cabinet by April 2014 with the incorporation of public views. Seven transport corridors have been identified as most important corridors taking transport volume, urbanisation level, population density into considerations. Over one million people enter the Colombo city each day, using seven corridors namely Galle, Horana, High Level, Kandy and Negombo. Over 174,000 and 157,000 persons enter the city via Galle and Malabe corridors.