Forests and landslides: the role of trees and forests in the prevention of landslides and rehabilitation of landslide-affected areas in Asia

In recent years, a number of devastating landslides in Asia have resulted in major tragedies and enormous destruction. Considerable economic losses have also been sustained due to the profusion of smaller landslide events throughout the region.Current rural development trends and predictions of more extreme weather events will increase the probability of such disasters in the future if efforts to prevent landslides are not stepped up. Better understanding of the roles that trees and forests play in preventing landslides and rehabilitating landslide-affected areas will be critical for a safer, greener and more prosperous future.This publication outlines the extent to which sound management of forests and tree planting can reduce the incidence of landslides and how forestation can assist in land rehabilitation and stabilization after landslides have occurred. It aims to bridge the gap between science and policy-making to improve management of sloping land both in Asia and elsewhere in the world.