Kerala Perspective Plan 2030 (Draft)

The Kerala Perspective Plan 2030 (KPP) is a Government of Kerala initiative that will serve as the basis for implementation of a series of initiatives aimed at fostering sustainable and inclusive growth of the economy. These initiatives will facilitate Kerala’s economy to leapfrog and to attain developmental parameters of high income countries /catch up with high income countries. The KPP 2030 is a twenty year integrated strategic plan with a concrete policy framework and a well-defined Action Plan. Within this strategic framework, the KPP 2030 gives an outline of its development vision, mission, goals, targets, and a way to achieve them. It is built on a comprehensive analysis of the economy’s strengths, challenges and opportunities. The tactical planning framework outlined in the Plan sets developed country benchmarks for the state; and draws on the best local, regional, national and international practices. It specifies an action plan based on the calculated policy directions, resources, competencies, and capacities.