Poor people’s energy outlook 2012: energy for earning a living

Poor People's Energy Outlook 2012 examines the linkages between energy access and better opportunities for earning a living, while recognising that there are many barriers which must be overcome on the path from improved energy access to increased incomes. This second report in the PPEO series also revisits the definition of energy access reintroducing the concept of Total Energy Access as a progressive framework to measure how people use energy in a healthy and productive way. The complementary Energy Supply Index encompasses how people make incremental improvements to the quality of their energy supply. Change in energy access can start with one person, but it must eventually be at the level of the whole system. The Energy Access Ecosystem approach is presented, describing the interconnected web of organizations working on energy access and the system of which they are a part. If Total Energy Access is to be accelerated, many more organizations will have to act in this space in ways more complementary to each other than today, and supportive policy, capacity and finance are essential to a more 'healthy' Energy Access Ecosystem.