Vision 2030: the resilience of water supply and sanitation in the face of climate change - technical report

This report presents the findings of research into the projected impact of climate change on water and sanitation services by 2020 and by 2030. These time horizons are relevant to investment decision-making and have been used in other water-using
sectors. Results for the year 2020 indicate the potential for climate change to undermine investments already made and committed towards achieving the MDG targets and towards improving access to safe-drinking water and sanitation beyond 2015; and estimates for 2030 provide for responses in technology selection and planning to expected climate changes. This study represents the first attempt to address this issue at a global level. This report is particularly focused on low- and middle-income countries, but has global relevance. It provides an analysis of the resilience of water supply and sanitation technologies, and of management approaches. It also reviews the policy implications of the findings, identifies hotspots where attention is particularly needed and points to research needs.