CSE's Green Schools Programme (GSP) is a learning programme for schools that seeks to foster environmental education by moving beyond textbooks and concentrating on ‘doing’ activities. It helps schools audit their resource consumption and provides them with the methodology to carry out activities as environmental managers and plug gaps that are identified through the audit. Schools that submit the audit are rated and certified based on their contribution to the environment.

Hunger and malnutrition are critical issues in the country and therefore, Delhi FoodBank, started in 2012 and run by the Aidmatrix Foundation, created a Food Bank to address the problem and reach o

An effective paints recycling system will not only work well for the paint industry, but will also meet the public's need for safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

This paper investigates the adsorption of arsenic, As (III) and As (V) from water onto activated alumina (AA) which was used as an adsorbent in batch and column adsorption experiments and critically analyses the effect of various parameters, such as contact time, pH of water, adsorbent dose, and inlet arsenic concentration to find out removal of arsenic by adsorption on AA.