Several animal species including gorillas in Rwanda and tigers in Bangladesh could risk extinction if the impact of climate change and extreme weather on their habitats is not addressed, a U.N.

South African industry needs to tap its 2,000 MW co-generation potential to avoid another power crisis, but is facing pricing and regulatory hurdles, an industry official said on Wednesday.

Dave Long, a former regional manager at paper maker Sappi, said that despite a battle lasting years the industry has not been able to sell any cogenerated power so far.

East Africa should tap its large cogeneration potential, burning waste from its sugar and tea output to cut reliance on hydro power, which is increasingly hit by drought, an energy analyst said on Wednesday.

South Africa's ANC party, expected to win elections this month, is promising a new energy strategy to tackle power shortages and cut greenhouse gases that account for more than two-fifths of the continent's emissions.

A key pillar of this plan is the likely split of the minerals and energy cabinet portfolio, to remove red tape that critics say is bogging down the ministry's performance.