Dear Prime Minister, This is a year of severe drought in Gujarat and western Madhya Pradesh - an area that is well known for natural disasters of this kind. During the last general elections, your

Briefing paper on climate change for members of Parliament by Anil Agarwal - Calling upon policy makers to recognise India's stake in the international climate change negotiations.

This paper presents the potential of rainwater harvesting for drought-proofing India's villages. It urges members of parliament and state legislative assemblies to ensure that the governments take up rainwater harvesting on a large scale to improve local food security. There is enough rainwater in every village of India to meet drinking water needs and critical needs of agriculture. This strategy would complement India's current water management and agricultural strategy which aims at ensuring national food security rather than local food security.

This war of knowledge versus money is bound to intensify. We can only hope that public health concerns will be vindicated

It is clear that the state does not function in India. Politicians and bureaucrats can go hang themselves

NDA's promise on water is nothing more than words. And at best it means a lot of valuable taxpayer money literally thrown down the drain

Environmental planning and policy making in the 21st century is going to get more complex. But at least the Dutch are raising a lot of good questions

It would help Indian CEOs to understand that public concern over environmental issues should be dealt with care and caution

One person dies every hour in Delhi due to ambient air choked with particles. Diesel exhaust is a major source of fine particles that are the most lethal. Environmental regulators in California and elsewhere are putting the brakes on diesel cars.

Physicians, environmentalists and residents of Delhi share a platform to vent their anger over the city s polluted air