This framework document aims to introduce a proactive approach to assess adaptation needs and encourage timely adaptation.

Nepal has initiated preparation of its National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) to identify urgent and immediate adaptation needs. The agriculture and food security issues of Nepal are deemed vulnerable to the impact of climate change. This report is an attempt to ensure a role for agrobiodiversity in Nepal’s NAPA.

Poor, marginalized people in rural areas of Nepal, who depend solely on natural resources and climatesensitive sectors such as agriculture, forestry and fisheries for their livelihoods, are particularly vulnerable to climate change impacts. Most farmers depend on monsoon rain for crop cultivation, so changing rainfall patterns could have devastating results.

Nepal introduced various community based forest management (CBFM) programmes that aim to improve forest management while improving the livelihoods of the forest dependent poor. One of these programmes is the Leasehold Forestry and Livestock Programme (LFLP). Various studies have demonstrated its positive impacts but several studies also pointed out its unintentional negative impacts.