This will be the first solar panel manufacturing facility in the state

Firm plans $400 per tonne cut in cost of making aluminium

As per the joint venture agreement Nalco would have 26% stake in the new entity, NPCIL-Nalco Power Company

Tata Steel, at present, has six iron ore/manganese (an associated mineral) leases in the state with combined lease area of 10 sq km

The bauxite mining project had suffered a jolt two years ago, after all 12 gram sabhas held in and around the Niyamgiri hill range voted unanimously against it

With the Supreme Court ordering the shutdown of mines involved in irregular mining in Odisha on May 16, the Indian steel industry is staring at an acute shortage of iron ore.

With better preparedness and efficient planning and execution, toll restricted to a low level

The hours preceding the strike of cyclone Phailin, the strongest storm to hit India since 1999, saw the country undertaking the largest evacuation operation in its history. Before the landfall of the giant tropical storm, the Odisha administration had, on Saturday, shifted nearly 900,000 people to safer places - a sign that India was better prepared for a disaster this time than on any earlier occasion.

Sourcing bauxite from other states to add Rs 600 cr to cost.

Three resolutions of the Odisha government to impose unprecedented curbs on mining activity and triggering a legal tussle between the government and the mine lessees have come across a central government wall.

The ministry of mines has asked it to scrap all the three resolutions, saying they breach mining laws. Through these resolutions, the state steel and mines department sought to achieve a three-pronged objective. One, reserving all the remaining mineral-bearing areas (not leased to any private entity) in favour of its company, the Odisha Mining Corporation (OMC). Two, making it mandatory for standalone iron ore miners to sell at least half their output to state-based industries. Three, restricting the area of a private lease at the time of renewal.

Administration says issues with villagers sorted out through dialogue, acquisition peaceful

Realising that the Land Acquisition Bill, already cleared by the Union Cabinet, would put land procurement for big-ticket industrial projects in a quandary, the Odisha government has resumed land acquisition for the showpiece Posco project at a frenzied pace. In November 2011, land acquisition for the mega steel project ground to a halt after clashes broke out over the construction of a coastal corridor. With land acquisition slated to turn challenging after the new Bill is passed (since it would need the consent of at least 80 per cent of the affected people), experts believe at this stage, the state government cannot afford to buy time.